Furnace Problems? Do You Know a Dependable, Cost Conscious, Garland Furnace Repair Contractor?

Garland TX Furnace RepairWe take our natural gas furnaces in our homes and businesses for granted, until something goes wrong. When our furnaces stop working on a cold night, we suddenly realize how important these appliances are. Too often, we wish we knew a Garland TX Furnace Repair contractor we could trust to do the work.

Fortunately, if your furnace has stopped working, or if it’s working so inefficiently that your home never seems to warm up, you do have options. You can turn to a Texas licensed heating and air conditioning technician to either repair or replace your malfunctioning furnace. Read more at Tempe AZ HVAC Repair.

Should You Repair or Replace an Old Furnace?

When your furnace goes out, you face a big question: Is it time to replace that old furnace, heat pump and air conditioner or should you simply pay for a repair? The answer depends on the furnace. Is this the first time that it’s given you trouble? If so, a repair job is probably the wiser choice. But if this latest repair is just one in a long series of furnace problems, it might make more sense to replace your unit.

Why Buy a Two-Stage and Variable-Speed Furnace?

If you do decide to replace your Garland furnace, you face another important decision. You might consider purchasing a two-stage or variable-speed furnace. Two-stage furnaces use both a high-fire and low-fire position on their gas valves. This allows them to heat your home without the uncomfortable fluctuations that traditional furnaces sometimes cause. Variable-speed furnaces operate in a similar manner. These have interior blower motors that move at different speeds to more precisely control the spread of heat through your home.

Federal Energy Savings Tax Credits and Utility Company Rebates

No one wants to spend the money to purchase a new Garland furnace. There is some good news, though: The federal government and utility companies provide tax credits and rebates to make it more affordable for homeowners to purchase energy efficient furnaces. Explore these options when you’re shopping for a new furnace. You might be surprised at how much money these rebates and tax credits funnel back into your pockets.

Fall Preseason Furnace Check-Up

Maybe your furnace hasn’t given you any problems yet. That doesn’t mean that you should skip hiring a heating and air conditioning technician to give your furnace a preseason check-up. During this check-up, technicians can look for any possible problems, and correct them before they become costlier. They can also tell you if your Garland furnace is operating at its peak efficiency. With a careful inspection, they can even give you a rough idea of about how much life your furnace has left.